An old proverb says: “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.”
We’ve put together a selection of some of the best providers of homemade and locally produced food, which we think are well worth a visit. How? On foot, by car, or by bicycle.
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Gostilna Zeleni gaj

Quench your thirst and hunger in the dining room or on the shady terrace of the charming village inn Zeleni gaj, with dishes according to the recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, from ingredients from the surrounding farms.


Selo 30a, +386 (02) 544 10 35

The Rotunda is an inn in Goričko and that's the only thing that is written on the menu besides: "ask for anything else". There are no specialities that culinary pilgrims swear to be the best right there. It doesn’t always have new ideas to attract the curious over and over again. It has no stories for important people to show off with. However, it does have a history dating back to the 13th century, and a constant quality that doesn’t disappoint. It is, therefore, a typical local inn, with a stainless steel bar and a friendly owner behind it, an old-fashioned ambience and fresh tablecloths, shade under trees in the garden from where you might glimpse a a neighbour passing by on a tractor. They source their ingredients from the garden behind the house and from the up in the village, and one can always depend on the same quality cuisine.


Gerilinci 55, +386 (0) 2 540 1234

At the Vogrinčič-Hanžel Farm in Gerlinci, they are engaged in meat processing and catering, which they want to upgrade in the future and thus ensure that the farm attracts an even larger number of domestic and foreign visitors.

They boast a range of more than 30 quality local products, including typical Prekmurje specialities such as minced lard, tünka (a matured meat dish made of pork and minced lard), ham, sausages, dried meat products and salami.
The farm is spread over about 4ha (10 acres), in a beautiful and unspoilt part of Goričko. They are a piece of a puzzle in a beautiful landscape, and with their work they strive to preserve the authenticity of nature.
The Okus Goričkega brand itself says that all energy is focused on homeliness, which is the whole story behind the Vogrinčič-Hanžel Farm.


Sale of homemade bakery products: Darinka Vidonja.

If you feel like tasting homemade Prekmurje bread and other bakery products from a BRICK OVEN, stop off at Darinka’s, where the pleasant smell will tempt you to taste her homemade goodies.


There's no good breakfast or delicious dessert without farm eggs.

You are invited to stop by Andrej’s place, where he will provide you with farm-fresh eggs.


Domača hrana, prekmurske dobrote

This cosy inn offers traditional Prekmurje food, with local specialities like dödöli – a potato dish, prekmurska gibanica cake, bograč stew, postržjača bread and plum dumplings. Their terrace is open from March to October when the weather is nice and can accommodate up to 60 people. They often host live music for closed groups (weddings, birthdays, etc.) on the terrace or in the clearing in front of the inn. The terrace is distinctive, surrounded by beautiful nature, where guests can enjoy the delicious local dishes in peace. We also have a children's corner and a large carpark nearby.


Se nahaja v Bodoncih (občina Puconci) na obronkih Goričkega, kjer si hribi in doline podajajo roke. Na kmetiji Vlaj se ukvarjamo s prodajo bučnega olja. Naša osnovna dejavnost je poljedelstvo, letno pa največ pridelamo buč. 

The main products on the farm are: pumpkin seed oil, roasted pumpkin seeds and walnut oil. 

They also offer various gift packages with homemade products, which make an attractive gift for your loved ones or for business partners. You can buy their products at the homestead, at the castle in Grad na Goričkem, at the “Na Jasi” inn in Bodonci or at Lovenjakov dvor in Polana.

They have received several gold awards for their pumpkin seed oil, which they have been involved in the manufacture of since 2011. In 2016, Vlaj Farm also received the right to use the Goričko Landscape Park Collective Brand.


Degustacija in prodaja

In Bodonci you can taste homemade cheeses, yoghurts and other dairy products with an authentic touch of GORIČKO. Goran is a young, aspiring grower—a farmer who will surprise you with unique HOMEMADE dairy products.

CANA royal water

Visit the bottling plant and purchase of the best water in Slovenia, by appointment only.

Restavracija Kodila

Tel: (02) 522 36 00

Šunkarna Kodila proizvaja in prodaja delikatese iz Pomurja. Njihova posebnost je Prekmurska šunka, ki zori pod slamnato streho.


Marof je zgodba o znanju, drznosti, potrpežljivosti in ljubezni. Zgodba o iskreni skrbi za vinograd, grozd, mošt, vino in nenazadnje tudi za pivca. Je preprosto zgodba o dobrem vinu. V osrčju Goričkega stoji vinska klet Marof, ki se ponaša s sodobnimi prostori za tradicionalno pridelavo vin. Vina večinoma zorijo v hrastovih sodih. Tu boste lahko preizkusili in degustirali vrhunska vina različnih sort in se prepričali o njihovi izvrstnosti.

Pajta Barn

Pajta domuje v simpatično prenovljeni zgradbi, ki pametno združuje sodobnost in preteklost, stoji pa v krajih, kjer se čas kar malo ustavi.