City of Goričko

The castle building is one of the most extensive feudal complexes in Slovenia. The castle is a real specialty, as we are first surprised by the unusual shape of the inner courtyard with a higher western and lower eastern level, which is due to the shape of the castle hill. The castle courtyard, surrounded by towering arcades, is surrounded by a pentagonal floor plan of perimeter tracts, reaching in some places to the first and in some places to the second floor. Although the design hides elements of the medieval castle core, today the whole shows a Baroque image from the 17th century. It also includes parts from the 16th and 18th centuries (1751), especially the chapel with a varied roof and the bell tower. More about the castle

Slatina spring

It is a source of mineral water (contains over 1 g / l of dissolved minerals or over 1 g / l of free CO2 gas), which occur in the northeastern part of Slovenia. The high density of natural or partially preserved springs remained only in the central part of Ščavnica and part of Kapelske gorice, in the area of the river Ledava and in the vicinity of the settlement Nuskova, where the Nuskovski slatinski vrelec is located.

Ledavsko Lake

It is an artificial accumulation lake, also called Karst Lake (uneducated people think that it is a lake with typical karst phenomena, but it has nothing in common with karst lakes, except that Ledavsko once dried up due to urgent maintenance work, in 2011). Ledavi River. The waters of Ledava and Lukaj potok are dammed by a 10m high dam. The lake lies at an altitude of 234 m, in the area of the villages Ropoča and Krašča in the Goričko Landscape Park. Its area measures 218 ha.

Lake of the Cross

Lake Križevci is located in the village of Križevci, in the Dol area, and offers habitat for many birds, aquatic animals and fish. The latter are mainly attracted by fishermen who want peaceful fishing and coexistence with unspoiled nature. The lake is about 2 hectares in size and its average depth is 1.5 - 2 meters. The fish that live in the lake are: carp, pike, catfish, red-tailed, androgynous, baboon and red-eyed.

Lake Bukovnik

 Lake Bukovnica is an artificial lake 4.5 ha in size, which was created by damming the Bukovnica stream. The lake offers home to many fish, especially carp, grass carp, silver carp, ski, tench, etc. The aquatic ecosystem hosts the gray heron, the mallard and the kingfisher. Kanja, kragulj and postovka reign in the air, and we meet swallows, daughters-in-law, fireflies and, of course, storks. The area around the lake is surrounded by forests, which are home to deer, deer and wild boar. Pheasant, partridge, quail and hare are present on the outskirts. It is also worth visiting over 300 interesting and beautiful plant species. On the elevated area by the lake is the chapel of St. Vida and below it the well of the same name. According to oral tradition, many people have improved their eyesight or even overlooked if they had water with St. They washed their eyes. In a diameter of 450 meters around the spring, 26 healing points have been discovered and marked. Lake Bukovnik with its walking paths is a great family trip to nature.


The last volcano in the area of today's Slovenia erupted 3 million years ago near Grad na Goričkem. We woke him up again in the Vulcania Adventure Park, where you will not only get to know him but literally experience his eruption. At the same time, you will learn many interesting things about volcanoes and geological characteristics of our planet and especially Goričko. The path to the eruption of the last volcano in Slovenia is not too easy. At the beginning, you will meet the mole Olija, who will lead you through most of the park, and the witch Ezo, who is constantly on his heels, as he wants to get precious olivine crystals, which came to the surface with the eruption of a volcano near Grad na Goričkem. in a modern interactive table you will learn about the main geological features of the Earth, especially from the world of volcanoes and what life with volcanoes brings us - both good and bad. For those who want to learn more about the exciting world of volcanoes and the forces that rule our planet, we have prepared attractive interactive content. For younger visitors, we made sure to get to know the world of volcanoes through simple computer games.

More about Vulcania

Pottery village Filovci

 There is a museum in the village where you can see the old homesteads and the pottery process. The entrance fee is symbolic: 2.5 EUR, but if you are lucky, you may come across a group that has organized a demonstration of work or a workshop in addition to the tour, and you can also sharpen a little or even try your skills as a potter. The village is known mainly for its black-fired pottery, and the museum also has a shop with home-made products, where you can always buy a beautiful and useful piece of pottery.


It represents a corner of the tropical forest in the Prekmurje countryside. In addition to the production of orchids, more than 300 species of interesting tropical plants from all over the world are on display. Guests staying with us also receive a 20%rop discount at the hotel reception.


It was built on a hill in Lendavske gorice in 2015. It measures 53.5 meters in height. The tower offers views of the four countries. It was designed by Oskar Virag and Iztok Rajšter from the architectural firm Vires. You can take the elevator to the highest viewing platform or climb 240 steps to experience the ascent to the most beautiful viewpoint far and wide. On the ground floor of the tower you can try local culinary offerings and top local wines. 


The only private boat to cross the Mura with a catering offer for the weekend. The boat runs on the route Gornja Bistrica-Mota (Ljutomer)


Over the centuries, the Mura River has played with nature along its bed and created a natural island, which the locals called the Island of Love. Legend has it that this is a place for lovers, otherwise you will experience special adventures there, either on a boat ride across the Mura or at the traditional August event Büjra Days. On the island of love you can visit the Büjra Museum, floating mill on the Mura in Ižakovci or take a walk along the river bank between poplars and tulips.


It is the only Pannonian floating mill in Slovenia. The mill still operates today and is a cultural and tourist attraction of Veržej


Serdiški breg or Rdeči breg (416 m above sea level) is, after Sotinski breg, the second highest peak in Goričko. At first, they even considered it the highest, but repeated geodetic measurements showed that this was not the case. At the top, from which, just like from Sotinski breg, there is a beautiful view, stands the log cabin TD Rogašovci, and next to it is a vineyard sign in the shape of a pyramid, which marks the top. There are several antennas owned by radio amateurs nearby. Various activities related to tourism, sports, firefighting and cultural activities take place on the Serdiški Breg throughout the year.

Plečnik's church in Bogojina

The most famous sanctuary of Prekmurje is the work of our greatest architect Jože Plečnik. He took into account the landscape building tradition and introduced early Christian architectural elements. The wooden ceiling made of round beams and planks is decorated with products of Prekmurje potters.

Rotunda All Nikolai

Pilgrimage rotunda of St. Nikolaja is located in northeastern Slovenia, 2 km west of the Slovenian-Hungarian border. It was built in the 13th century in the valley of Kobiljski potok along the medieval traffic route from the Alps to the Pannonian Plain. In the 19th century, rotundas added a bell tower, covered the dome with a tin roof, and the Gothic winged altar was opened in Budapest.

EXPANO - Doors to Pomurje

Take a look at the exceptional Expana building and check out what it has to offer. This offers exhibitions in an innovative and technologically exceptional experience of experiencing the world along the Mura, where they represent the essence of tradition, nature, our present and our dreams.

In addition to the building, you can also explore the lake, which offers many water activities, relaxation and motor park facilities.


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