Počitniški resort Goričke Iže nudi odlično sprostitev. Za le-to poskrbita tudi savna in jacuzzi.



Most likely, it would be very difficult to find a person who does not enjoy relaxing in the warm, bubbling water. Soaking in the jacuzzi is a very pleasant experience that is almost impossible to relive in any other way. Jacuzzi oz. its use has, among other benefits, a huge number of proven healing effects, as it has a positive effect on the human psyche and body.



Our sauna is unique because its barrel originates from Radgonskih Goric. In addition to the classic forms of outdoor saunas, we also know barrel saunas in the form of barrels.

These have quite a few advantages over classic saunas:

  • an interesting and, above all, different look that attracts you at first sight,
  • barrel savna v obliki soda se hitreje segreje,
  • round shape evenly distributes heat in the sauna,
  • it is extremely effective, as there is less useless space in it, and thick boards are excellent natural insulators,
  • the massive soda shape creates a strong structural whole,
  • the exterior needs little maintenance,
  • barrel sauna will add charm to your garden.